Angelic Journey to the Goddess Within


In this special series, Tina Marie takes you on a journey to connect with your angels and guides in order to UNCOVER and REVEAL the Goddess that lies DEEP within you!

This energy of the Goddess is the real, true, and authentic you. She is your confidence, your radiance, your power, your strength, your peace, your joy, your compassion and your deepest Love.

She is waiting to be unraveled, discovered, and brought forth!

In this 4 part introductory series, each week will be meditations, exercises, lessons from various Goddesses that can bring forth healing, inspiration, and awakening. When "live" there will also be an open forum for women to receive personal support, mentorship, and community with one another.

All are recorded on mp3’s so you can listen in any time. And...

Each person who registers will also receive a One Card Goddess Reading MessagE!

Goddesses we will be working with include:

  • Isis, Hathor and Sekhmet
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Mother Mary,
  • Aphrodite and Venus!

222 is the number associate with Mary Magdalene, Priestess of the Goddess Isis. She will help us release, shed, let go, and forgive... to open our hearts to wholeness... to remember who we are and why we incarnated at this particular time.

We are being urged to let go of all we are clinging to in fear, so that the new beginning that is aligned with the energy of our soul can become manifest!