Are Your Relationships Changing?


Sorry I haven’t been writing!  Life has intervened for me once again. This is a time of change and challenge. 

And I’m experiencing it too!  Anything or anyone who isn’t serving our highest truth is falling away.  And it can feel like it’s happening fast! Someone wrote into my “Celestial Realm” column for the UK’s Predictions Magazine this month asking about how to know when to continue a relationship or when it has run it’s course.  And the angels not only answered but wanted me to share here too.  It doesn’t mean that the relationship has to end badly, but we are being asked to look at who is in our lives, and see and feel if they’re meant to grow with us on our journey, or if the soul contract is complete and we must move on either temporarily or for good.  I have had many changing relationships, especially within the last 3 months and so I’m learning just as much as you are about trust, power, worthiness, balance, and boundaries.

The angels say that every relationship is to help us learn more about ourselves so we can grow and evolve. 


Some people are meant to be in our lives forever; these are the very significant people are our path that love and support us unconditionally.  Many people have a quick visit and then are on their way as we continue on ours.  And then others are around for an extended period of time and it’s often hard to know when it’s complete and time to part ways.

Are you hanging on to a particular person out of fear of being alone, fear of change, and resisting the inevitable? 

Turning inward and letting go, although at times difficult, is the only way to receive true insight.  It helps us get out of our own way and see the relationship from a new and higher perspective, giving us the courage to make whatever changes are necessary to heal and move forward.  Ask yourself,

“How does this person make me feel? Do they inspire me to be a better person and work on myself?  Do they serve my highest good and are they in alignment with my highest truth?” 

These are some deep and questions that your angels want you to bring into meditation whether you receive the answers immediately or not.  When we surrender the relationship over to God, we often receive signs in the physical world as an answer to our question, and many times the Universe intervenes and it resolves itself!  Finally, offer up gratitude for this person and relationship as your teacher.  This brings us into clarity so that we can see that our doubts are often our intuition telling us that we’ve learned all that we are meant to and it’s time to move on.

Tina Marie Bertoli