Evolution of the Soul

The first several months of the year always seem to bring the energy of a new beginning.  You can feel it in the air! 


With the end of the previous year we have thought about what we want to release, modify, and/or change, so that we can start fresh in the new year. We set resolutions or intentions, and we contemplate what we want to create for the year to come.  This is also a time for reflection, as well as another opportunity to remember who we really are; Divine and Creative Beings, and embodiments of Love Itself! How often we forget this! 

I know I certainly do.  It is so important to not only love unconditionally, but to love ourselves unconditionally; and this is not an easy task at all! 

But without self-love, and self acceptance, it doesn’t matter how much money we make, how successful we may be, how many friendships we have, or even if we have the most special love in our lives, we will always feel that something is missing.  Although it sounds cliché, we can’t truly be happy, fulfilled, and fully in love, unless we start with loving ourselves.  And maybe that “start” happens over and over throughout our lives.  After all, we are all merely works in progress.  And this concept seems to be one of those major life lessons that we visit and re-visit whether we like it or not. Since for me it has personally been a time of of change, challenge and transition, I was so grateful recently, to come across an old journal entry of mine from quite some time ago, that sums up EXACTLY where I feel I’ve been again.  And illustrates this very point I’m making.  So, I had to smile, laugh out loud, and offer up gratitude about the synchronicity of the Divine, and the cycles and rhythms that we all go through continually throughout our life experience. And of course I’m thankful for the very simple, yet profound message that I needed to hear; to remember to love myself, accept myself where I am at yet again, and know that I am exactly where I am meant to be. 

Here is what I’m learning to be my “timeless” journal entry:

“What can I say?  Patterns are inherent and must be broken, but you have to be in them to discover them and only then break free.  When life intervenes, our habits, our patterns swallow us up and sometimes we don’t even realize it until a month into it, maybe two, when we finally catch ourselves, pause, stop, turn within, journal and take a real good look around. So, here I am, no excuses.  A little behind…, but more aware and accepting than ever.  After all, it’s all about me, my journey, it’s all part of my divine path.  This interruption, this minor distraction, (okay maybe major distraction), this lapse of time where I have not been at all myself and have been duplicating old patterns and habits that use to be me… depressed, self-critical, tempted, giving in and giving up at times and feeling lost, unsatisfied and unable to move in any direction, and feeling stuck.  IT’S ACTUALLY ALL PART OF A BIGGER PLAN; the evolution of my soul.


And so I have a new outlook; a fresh perspective, a new revived, recharged passion and fire in me. 

And it ONLY could have unfolded in this way.  So I don’t dwell in or on the past and what I haven’t done, missed, screwed up, or lost out on, … No!  I see it as a necessary part of my growth and development because now I look to right NOW.  How am I changed?  How does this experience add to who I am in the present moment, and to what I am experiencing in this renewed sense of self?  Unfortunately, or maybe even fortunately, it takes life intervening, and “disappointing” or “negative” experiences for us to unfold, to realize and rediscover who we truly are, and for us to become more whole.  I get that now.  So I move forward in trust.  I may have fallen way off track.  But what does that mean? Only the meaning I give it.  It’s not the first time to happen and probably won’t be the last. But it doesn’t take long or even much for me to jump right back on the path.  I haven’t lost anything.  It’s all still inside me where I left it.  And here I am… so here it is…”

On of my favorite quotes is by Marianne Williamson which sums up this entire subject matter. 

“Love is what we were born with, fear is what we have learned here.  The spiritual journey is the relinquishment—or unlearning—of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts.  Love is the essential, existential fact.  It is our ultimate reality and our purpose on earth.  To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life.”

Tina Marie Bertoli