I am Committing to…


What are you committed to? 

What are you committing to day after day, hour after hour?  Do you even know?  Are you aware of your thoughts?  Are you committed to self-care, self-love, happiness, and peace?  Or do you complain, doubt, and find yourself irritable and frustrated?  Are you genuinely positive or negative throughout your day?  Perhaps it’s a combination?

These questions are just to get you thinking as they certainly get me thinking. 

Because sometimes, I’ll admit, I’m off in another world all caught up in my story.  And then I’m reminded somehow to return to the present moment, take a breath, and be grateful that I’m back in a new moment where I’m aware of my choices!  Often our unconscious patterns, habits, and even old beliefs, pull us back into “our story” due to our past conditioning, our parents and upbringing, and just our overall past history.  So, having an intention to be present, and committed to the present moment, is a beautiful intention.  It doesn’t mean that everything has to look perfect!  It doesn’t have to look a certain way at all or be flawless.  It’s just a matter of being aware when we are not in a place of love, and bringing ourselves back, time and time again. And this becomes the journey of our lives on the spiritual path of self-mastery.  There is no destination; each moment brings with it an opportunity.

It’s “practice,” not performance. 

It’s realizing that every moment is a prayer, every word is a prayer, and when we set an intention, and communicate with our Higher Self, angels and guides, everything after that is a continuation of that inner commitment.  So, going about your day you may get angry, upset, over-react, and even judge something or someone… but as a Course in Miracles says: “I forgive myself for having this thought, I choose love instead.”  Our mind will run off, our emotions may get heated and even explode or implode, but it’s about what we do with the present moment when we return to it that truly matters!  We can beat ourselves up that we have once again drifted, fallen off track or failed, or we can rejoice that we have returned home to the moment at hand, to open up, to receive, and to choose that which serves us rather than what separates us!

The best time of day to set an intention, pray, meditate, and commune with God and the angels is in the morning, first thing when you wake up because it sets the tone for the whole day. 

You haven’t gotten all caught up yet in the energy of the world, news, social media, traffic and craziness!  So, it’s those early precious moments to be grateful for another day and connect with your soul.

A Course in Miracles says, and I truly believe this with all of my heart, “If you spend five minutes in the morning with the spirit of Love, God, Holy Spirit, (whatever you choose to call it), five minutes in the morning guarantees that He/She (the Divine) will be in charge of your thought forms for the rest of the day.”

So I invite you to make a new commitment each morning with me for the next 40 days and see how things begin to shift and transform.

To my Angels/Guides, my Higher Self, and my Beloved Creator; God,

I open up my heart to feel more in alignment with my soul, my passion, and reasons for being. 


I surrender to a Higher Purpose and plan and I commit to self-love and compassion, with infinite patience and acceptance.  I promise to be kind to myself as I observe my thoughts and feelings and awaken to new levels of trust; understanding that this is a cleansing and purification of my mind.  Through this purging of old limiting thought patterns and beliefs, I am able to fill myself up with a higher vibration of Unconditional Love and Divinity Itself, merge with God the Creator, and co-create my life by making new and beautiful choices that serve and support me.  It all starts with me. This helps me create from a whole new healing, loving space.  And that “space” is ME!  I choose, I allow, I yield, I surrender, I bless, I trust, I celebrate, I proclaim and I KNOW, that I am the embodiment of love and joy, and even now things are shifting, my heart is opening, healing is happening, and I am BLESSED!.  And so it is Amen.

If you’re interested in hearing this prayer as an mp3 click:  Affirmation Meditation

Tina Marie Bertoli