Message from Mary Magdalene


My dear children, I ask that you open your hearts and hear my prayer for each of you.  I hear your cries and feel the yearning of your hearts. 

We indeed are in a time of great change; of letting go of that which no longer serves us and stepping onto a path of real purpose and direction.  When you are releasing this energy it can feel as though you’re losing a part of yourself, it can even feel like mourning a death because in reality, that’s exactly what it is; a release of the “old you” dying to what no longer is in alignment with your highest truth and path, but because it’s known and familiar to you, you hold on so tight afraid to let go.  This can bring forth a period of confusion, loneliness and loss as you remain in fear of the unknown.  But This is just the space in between what no longer is, and what hasn’t completely already begun.  It’s an emptiness, but one necessary, to allow for a clean and open vessel for the new to enter. 

Trust my dear child and have faith in the unseen.

This change is actually what you have been praying for on a soul level.  You just didn’t expect it to show up in this fashion and last for so long.  But this emptying out has been essential for the purification and evolution of your soul.  Don’t give up now just because it doesn’t  feel or seem the way you had hoped.  That is just the earthly realm and human condition winning, and you are oh so much more that that! And you are more powerful beyond what you even realize!  You’ve come so far, and endured so much, and it’s all to initiate you into a HIGHER level of your being.  The blessings are there and will be revealed as you surrender, accept, and trust that it’s all unfolding not only in according with your Divine Plan, but for the Greater Plan for All.

So please trust that although it has been a challenge, the reward is a rich and beautiful transformation.

Soon, the heaviness will lift, the light will appear brighter, and you will not only see the direction you are heading, but feel a sense of renewal, rejuvenation, purpose, and an invigorated motivation to keep going!

Tina Marie Bertoli