The Angel’s Message for Difficult Times

Channeled by Tina Marie

Ever since the 2012 shift, we have been experiencing a new awakening as a planet, and with this awakening comes many changes. As spiritual beings living a human experience we are faced with obstacles, challenges and hardships. As we move through these painful experiences, we grow, develop, and unfold and often look back and see we are better for it.  In retrospect, we have a new understanding of why things occurred as they did, we learn from it and our soul evolves.  After all, we live in a world of duality and so in order for us to fully experience the light, we must go through the dark.  However, lately the energy has been extra intense, and it seems that everywhere I turn people are struggling more and can’t seem to get out of it!  Myself included.  It’s like being on a roller coaster ride not knowing what the next turn is going to be like and wondering when the ride is ever going to end!


So, I asked the angels why things have been so difficult, why so many of us are having challenges on a regular basis, and what is happening as a whole that we are stuck and unable to move forward. 

And why does it seem that even when things appear to shift and open, another obstacle seems to present itself… and this is the message I received:

“You are conflicted because you aren’t connected to your higher self.  You are being swayed and tempted by the things of this world and as a result are twisting and turning in a confusion that is self created.  It is a pattern that has existed before and has become manifest again and again because it hasn’t been cleared and released.  It’s symbolism lies in your addiction to the earth plane as well as your human ego.  When you can see it for what it really is and break free from the mold and weight it has on you, you can begin to open up to not only clarity, but an unconditional love and passion deeper than you could ever imagine. 

This “difficult” time as you call it, is actually an initiation into a higher level of your being.

The more that you react and resist, you keep yourself in a holding pattern.  Let go, surrender, embrace, and feel all emotions fully, and allow yourself to open up and accept this as a necessary part of your journey.  Keep seeking higher, see through the “appearances” and trust in the Higher and Divine Plan that is being revealed. Don’t give up just before the ‘Awakening’ because of how you are feeling, or what you are thinking because you are NOT your thoughts or your feelings. They are merely an experience moving through you, and as you let it all occur without judgment and over-reaction, you WILL begin to see and feel the light at the end of the tunnel. So focus on that light, and the seeming darkness will dissolve…

This cannot be figured out, thought up, or decided on the mental plane.

This cannot be felt on the emotional plane.  It is an experience from within the inner dwelling sanctuary; an elevation of the spirit and an evolution of the soul.  But you must slow down, quiet the mind, become still and listen. Align with your Highest and Beloved God Self.  It’s the ONLY way.”

In order to change what is happening on the outside, we must change what is happening inside.  And the way we do that is through prayer, meditation and self- reflection.  So I invite you to take a few minutes each day and turn inward.  Go into the silence.  Listen to your breathing, and feel your heart opening. Visualize your angels and guides all around you.  Offer up a prayer of gratitude knowing that what you are going through is going to pass, and you are going to come out the other side refreshed, renewed, and revived.  Feel how powerful you really are, and know that you are not alone.  Honor yourself for having the courage to sit in the midst of the chaos and find the stillness in it. 


And from this inner plane of unconditional love and truth, you will begin to build a solid foundation, a shield of light, through you and around you that can help you overcome anything.

Tina Marie Bertoli