Working with Angels

We all have at least two guardian angels, numerous spirit guides and other various angels and light beings around us; all of whom have agreed to work with us throughout our lives.

These Angels and Guides are beautiful celestial beings who want to help in every area of our lives.
The following is a small sample list of what can be accomplished in a session:

  • Personal Reading – Receive messages from your Angels to receive Divine Guidance about your career, health, financial situation and/or your Relationships.
  • Health – Scan your physical body to pick up on any energy blocks or dis-ease; keeping you from feeling Whole and Healthy.
  • Finances – Uncover any limiting thoughts/beliefs keeping you from your Abundant and Prosperous nature.

  • Mediumship – Connecting with your deceased loved ones to receive messages and healing as we validate their presence around you.
  • Life Purpose – Receive Guidance from the Angels about what activities will fulfill, uplift and inspire you to deep fulfillment on your Soul Mission.
  • Chakra Balancing – With the help of Archangel Raphael remove any blocks or debris restoring your chakras and your aura to their natural and healthy state and vibration so you feel clear, focused and at peace.
  • Etheric Cord – Cutting – With Archangel Michael to remove unhealthy ties of energy between you and other people or places.
  • Angel/Past Life Healing – Guided meditations or past life regressions with the Angels to help heal any addictions, blocks, or obstacles in or on your path.

Tina Marie Bertoli