“Thank you so very much for the Star of LIfe Session today. There aren’t enough words that can express my gratitude. The two of you are a power house; an unbelievable force. The gifts you both have are incredible and breath taking. Watching the two of you work together is such a blessing and inspiration. I truly admire both of you in so many ways. I thank the angels for sending two amazing souls to this earth.”    - Danielle C. • New york


Tina and Billy are a powerful teaching and healing duo.  I recently had a healing session from them and it brought about profound shifts in my life and body.  Through our work together I was reawakened to my goddess within, and have been moving forward with a new sense of freedom and strength.  I have taken IET® certifications, and ACP® training  with Tina and attended Tiny and Billy’s Angelic Soul Star classes.  They are both inspiring teachers and obviously enjoy sharing their wealth of knowledge with others.  They are truly a blessing and so needed to help shift the energy of this planet.  With love and gratitude I say THANK YOU!" - Mary Hiestand Intuitive and Healer, IET® Master Instructor, Reiki Master, ATP®, ACP®, Intuitive and Medium



"My healing experience with Billy and Tina was during a certification course.  When it was time to get on the massage table  immediately my left side started to hurt.  It was mild at first but then became intense.  Billy came over and he asked me to take a few deep breaths and he opened his arms wide and pulled all the pain to a certain point, and then pulled whatever was creating the pain OUT!  I could feel the resistance of the energy until my last exhale as it finally released.  It was very powerful.  Then there was silence in my body.  I was finally at peace.  The true beauty that surrounds this healing is how both Tina and Billy come together.  Each one bringing their gifts to the table and together bringing healing to the body, mind and soul.  Thank you!" - Bruny, Florida


"I have been a client and student of Tina's for the past 10+ years. Tina has provided healing, clearing, and insightful counseling that has been deeply instrumental in my life. I especially love her divinely guided new work with Billy which balances the masculine and feminine energy, and is powerful beyond anything I’ve experienced with immediate and lasting shifts.   I am grateful to her and Billy for all that they do."  - Sharlene H, Long Beach, CA


"Tina and Billy did an amazing remote healing on my daughter and me.  I found the healing’s really deep and powerful.  The details that came through during the sessions total resonated with what we were going through and we could totally connect with that.  It was very in depth and on a cellular level.  The healings clear things even from past lives which is amazing! We could feel a huge difference in our energy level and clarity starting the next day.  So grateful for the work they do, They are both such a blessing." - Abira, Los Angeles, CA


"Tina and Billy’s healing workshops are beyond amazing.  They bring in the most amazing energies.  I love to attend their healing workshops because they are so healing, calming and so magical.  They go really deep and they do everything with so much love and dedication, that it’s really a blessing for us who are able to be a part of it.  Their meditations take us dimensions so high and powerful and allow us to connect with angels, ascended masters and so many Divine light beings.  After each workshop I always find myself opening up more and more into my spiritual path and get more clarity as to what i need to do for my spiritual growth.  I have learned so much from both of them and am so grateful for the wisdom and healing they share with us."



“Thank you for the reading. It was the best reading I ever had. It was very accurate and loving and it healed me deep inside. I would love to do other readings with you as I feel that you truly have the gift. I have dreams of new beginnings and I feel optimistic and clear about my life mission and the help that I am receiving from Mother Mary and Michael. Thank you for a truly uplifting experience."   -Liliana • Northborough, MA


“Thank you so much for your beautiful reading and also for your patience. You are so gentle with your words and I uncovered & released so much I had been holding inside… You validated everything I’d been feeling inside for so many years. Thank you so much…”   -Gloria Soto • Philadelphia, PA


"I HAVE BEEN READINGS AND DISTANCE HEALINGS From TINA FOR MANY YEARS NOW and have experienced many of her meditations and her weekend courses. I have always found Tina's healings to be extremely powerful, inspirational, and so relaxing. So when she asked me recently if it was ok if Billy joined in on my healing, I didn't hesitate to say yes. Being introduced to Billy and the Star of Life Healing has had such a tremendous impact on my life. After my first healing, I woke up the next day and was ready to move forward with some huge life decisions that I had been putting off for some time. The fear that I was holding on to had completely vanished. With the removal of all of my "junk," I was filled with so much courage and love. I highly recommend any of Tina and Billy's services. I am looking forward to my next healing"! -EileeN North Carolina