$122.00 USD or more

As this process can be physically and emotionally activating, it is contraindicated for those who have severe hypertension, cardiovascular disease, asthma, epilepsy, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, recent acute trauma, heavy medications, family history of aneurysm, or any recent major surgeries. You take full responsibility to determine with your qualified doctor if breathwork is safe and appropriate for your own body, and participate entirely at your own risk.

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Magdalene Initiation Healing


These Magdalene Healings are an initiation, attunement and personal healing ceremony.


Option 1: MP3 Recording. You can send in what you’re working on, answer a small intake, ask your questions, and provide me with your intentions.  Then I record a healing transmission with Magdalene, (and Yeshua), answering your questions first as I scan your system, then followed by a personal ceremony catered to you.  This is sent to you via email as a recording to receive and to listen as much as you feel called. $122


Option 2: If you would like to be on the call with me. You’ll still answer a small intake but we will make an appointment, talk for the first half about what’s coming up for you, and scan and read your system to work with what’s ready to open, shift, and move. Then you will sit back or lie down and I will personally lead you through a healing transmission/ceremony that will involve whatever intuitively is presented in the moment led by the Christ Consciousness. This could include breathing different patterns, visualization, intuitive tapping, deeper inquiry, and whatever else supports this personal ceremony. You will receive messages from Magdalene. $170


Note: This is more like a meditation than a deeper breathwork journey for those who have done that with me. If you choose option 2, enter the $170 on the right in the box.