$150.00 USD

As this process can be physically and emotionally activating, it is contraindicated for those who have severe hypertension, cardiovascular disease, asthma, epilepsy, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, recent acute trauma, heavy medications, family history of aneurysm, or any recent major surgeries. You take full responsibility to determine with your qualified doctor if breathwork is safe and appropriate for your own body, and participate entirely at your own risk.

I AM the Medicine Breathwork Soul Session


(inquire about packages of sessions to go deeper)


Your body is a temple; a storage house of every single thought, feeling, and experience you've ever had. When you welcome and greet ALL with loving awareness, you BECOME the 'Medicine' and set yourself free...

Breathwork Soul Sessions are personalized one-on-one sessions that focus on deepening the connection with the body, exploring emotions, and facilitating energetic healing. During these sessions, I guide you to drop into your body to witness and fully experience what is present in the moment.

I tune in intuitively throughout the session, creating a safe and supportive space for you. This breathwork practice helps to open the body's energetic archive, clear trauma, release stored emotions, and move compressed energy, allowing for a greater sense of well-being and alignment. This is a deep exploration of your inner landscape, to heal past wounds, and cultivate a deeper connection with yourSELF.

Side by side we navigate your inner journey to help you feel and experience your TRUEST essence and access the Higher You on the inside.  (We may do tapping, deep inquiry, toning, intuitive messaging, and other healing exercises during our time together)


What People Are Saying:

Every encounter I have had with Tina has been an absolute blessing to me. She is such a bright light! Our session was so peaceful, powerful and so full of love. It is this loving connection that is healing and soothing to my soul. I have so much gratitude for our sessions, that when Tina offers a session, I am quick to signup and I have never said this or felt this about anyone else!


Sooooo beautiful, so much love, grace, and depth you have put into these sessions. There is something about you that is echoed in your voice and I don’t know what that is, but I know it’s so warm, so comforting, feels like home, and it took me so softly into all those areas that were stuck but in the most gentle way…thank you


I highly recommend the I AM Medicine Soul Session. I dived deep within and journeyed to areas that I was not consciously aware of as I experienced healing that was truly transformative and powerful.