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Women's Embodiment/Empowerment Group


1/11 at 1:00 pm 

This is a new offer birthed from Tina's Breathwork practice.   It is a group coaching, intuitive and meditative experience. These calls are designed to open all up to hear the messages of the heart and the body from within.  It's a journey inside to peel back the layers of programming that have trapped energy inside that needs to be set free.  The body's innate wisdom is hidden behind walls of protection that have been anchored in place from trauma, pain, hardship, and deep early conditioning.  Tina will tune into the group and individuals and guide healing exercises to bring forth unity and wholeness.


  • Drop into the body to listen, feel, observe, and watch what arises with loving awareness

  • Engage in deep inquiry to open up the body archive and communicate

  • Reunite with the heart and open to receive.

  • Do EFT and Intuitive Tapping

  • Identify old patterns, programs, and identities to embrace from a new perspective

  • Go through guided meditative and breath practices to breathe into the source of pain/conflict

  • Receive personal and group counseling & assistance to learn to operate and live from wholeness and oneness rather than separation