Angelic Soul Session


Working with Tina one on one, each healing/reading session is catered to you specifically based on your questions and intentions, and what Tina picks up when she tunes into your energy field and listens to your Angels. (These sessions can be done in person or remotely)

Together we will:

  • Tune into who is around you and receive their messages
  • Pull cards and receive further guidance and direction from your Angels and Guides
  • Scan your body and energy field for cords and blocks
  • Clear and Balance blocked or stuck energy (Tina will lead you through a personal channeled healing)
  • Identify what core beliefs are keeping you stuck
  • Tune into what past life lessons need to be revealed for you to have a new perspective
  • Uncover your Gifts and abilities so you can be in alignment with your Purpose
  • Connect with your Higher Self so you can learn how to receive your own guidance at any time
  • Empower and support you to move forward and truly feel the loving support of your Angelic team and the Universe Itself

*Inquire about in person services


Past Life Soul Session

Past Life Recall is a gentle yet powerful process to receive answers and guidance from your angels, guides and your Higher Self. If there is some pattern that continues to reveal itself and bring challenges and obstacles in your life, where you’re repeatedly feeling stuck, being guided back to prior lifetimes can bring a tremendous amount of healing to you in every way. This is an opportunity for you to explore one or more of your past lives in a transformative process which can also bring clarity, liberation and a renewed sense of direction for you to move forward. 

In these sessions you will:

  • See your personal relationships with a new perspective
  • Uncover and integrate talents and abilities from the past
  • Understand and release fears and phobias linked to past life traumas
  • Get to the root or core of chronic physical problems in order to become whole
  • Receive clarity and deep healing on a cellular level by just visiting past lives
  • Align with your Higher Self and Life purpose

Angel Reading

Tina channels messages from your Angels & Guides.  She pulls Angel & Oracle cards, answers your specific questions and counsels you.  She can tell you who is around you and help you connect with them.  

These sessions can be down over the phone, a video call or via email. If done via email you will receive a personal mp3 of the reading. See below.


Angel Channeling

Receive an email reading. You'll send 2-3 questions to Tina and receive a personal channeling on mp3 and a pic of the cards pulled during your session.