The magic truly began the night that we met.  


Divinity has a way of connecting two souls who are meant to be together.  

We had been searching for one another for what felt like lifetimes.  

We both had been married before, and our previous relationships never measured up to our deepest dreams and desires for LOVE.  

This obviously led to frustration, disappointment, a lot of pain and suffering, and a yearning deep in the heart for more.

But where? And who….and of course, How? 

We both had just about given up hope.  

Can we really have the relationship of our dreams?   

Is there really a special someone out there for me?  

Is it possible to have the romance and the friendship, the spiritual and the physical connection, the fun and the depth?  

These were some of the many questions that lurked in our minds…

Who could have ever known that all of our past relationships and experiences was all just preparation; paving the way for that special moment, the Divine appointment when we finally found one another?


It was fireworks, magical, and actually more than we had ever even dreamed or imagined. 

And could not have happened any other way, or even a second sooner.  It is real, it can happen, it does happen. It’s in the willingness to listen to and trust the heart…

And so began our journey. Right from the start we began to meditate and…

the spark between us from turning inward together ignited.  Something enlightening took place.


The same angels and ascended masters appeared to us!  


They began to show us symbols and images, provide messages, and even healing techniques. The more we meditated we began to write everything down and keep a journal.  

A trip to Egypt would change our lives forever.  

It felt as if every single moment and occurrence had led us to this Ancient and Holy Land so that our True Soul’s Purpose could unravel.

We walked the sacred temples and remembered our past lives together, received downloads, healing, clear insight into the present and future, and the the direction to move forward with all that we received in meditation.  The Star of Life Healing System and the Christ Method & Magdalene Effect were born.  And more continues to reveal itself.

Our classes, programs, and personal sessions continue to be led by Spirit and the Angelic and Celestial Realms.  

We help you to balance the masculine and feminine energies within, heal from your past, align with your soul, and remember who you are so you can awaken to and live your passion and purpose.  


Meet Tina

Tina Marie Bertoli, Angel Therapist®, Medium, and Licensed Spiritual Counselor, communicates with your Angels and Spirit Guides to receive Divine guidance for all aspects of your life. She channels messages of love from the Angelic and Ascended Master realms, deceased loved ones and pets. A Reiki and IET® Master Teacher, Certified Past Life and Crystal Healer, she is also a IKYTA Kundalini Yoga Instructor and host of  The Tina Marie show on Blog Talk Radio and the Magic Hour on She writes the monthly “Celestial Realm Ask an Angel” column for Predictions Magazine, UK, writes the quarterly column for Canada’s Pure Magazine, and has produced the highly popular, “Manifesting with Archangel Michael” CD and Mp3. Tina teaches Angelic Healing and Counseling Certification Programs all over the world and was awarded the Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Teacher of the Year for 2012 and 2013.

Tina can help to remove blocks in your energy field, cleanse and balance your chakras, uncover limiting patterns and beliefs, and receive specific information to help you move forward on your spiritual path. She believes that we all have the innate ability to communicate with the angels and she helps to open that door for all others by developing their own Divine Intuition. Tina’s mission is to bridge the gap between this world and the next by offering guidance, direction, comfort, and love to those in need.


Meet Billy

Billy Rottkamp is a healer, intuitive, and Ashtanga Yoga teacher and has been practicing yoga and Holistic Healing modalities for 12 years.  He combines essential oils, Egyptian healing rods, crystals, sacred symbols, and singing bowls in his classes and for use with private clients.

His dedicated spiritual practice led him to train with world renowned teachers such as David Swenson and Derek O’Neill, who helped him to deepen his awareness and find the beauty of unconditional love and inner peace.  He now feels his mission is to share this gift with others.  Billy is a Teacher/Practitioner of the Rising Star and Prema Birthing Healing Systems.  He also channeled and created the Star of Life Healing System with his partner Tina Marie and they travel and teach together all over the world.

Billy uses his intuitive abilities to feel where there are blocks in your energy field and helps to restore balance, and peace, connecting you to your Soul Star and Highest Self.  He helps guide you back to remember and reclaim who you truly are to live your highest and best self!