I AM the Medicine Soul Sessions

Your body carries innate wisdom to heal itself; are you ready to open, listen and breathe into whatever arises in the moment? 

These sessions are catered to each individual


Is this right for you?


These one-on-one sessions are 90 minutes (The first session is 2 hours), over Zoom. It's an intuitive soul session where we connect to your Higher Self. We talk, dropping into your body, heart, breath, and aura and see what's present, what's alive in the moment.  This is a very specific session catered to you personally.  Each one is unique, and different, holding the power to access and move deep, compressed, blocked traumatic energies.

We scan for whatever wishes to arise that could be holding you back or keeping you stuck. We communicate with the inner you. I ask various questions as you feel into your heart and body and you reply. This is an interactive experience. You must be engaged and willing to be open, vulnerable, and receptive.

I then lead you through either a guided healing, tapping, and/or light breath practice or a deeper breathwork journey depending on your intentions/desires and what we discover.  I'm staying connected reading your system to help assist you in the process. It's a deep and powerful journey to the inner realms.

We receive guidance to help you move forward.  We may receive Divine Messages from the heart and share and integrate them in whatever way is presented at the moment.

A package of sessions is recommended to allow time and space for integration and a consciousness shift. We can dive deep into your birth story, upbringing, health and trauma history, and uncover the hidden, blocked, false beliefs and energy hijacking your system creating dis-ease, dysfunction, depression, anxiety, lack, etc. With time, patience, breath, awareness and doing the prescribed home-"work" you can begin to breathe new life into your body, feel a new direction, purpose, and greater sense of health, wealth, and well-being.


Again, this is a joint endeavor. Your commitment and devotion to doing this precious and deep inner work are essential. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A READING


"Every encounter I have had with Tina has been an absolute blessing to me. She is such a bright light! Our session was so peaceful, powerful and so full of love. It is this loving connection that is healing and soothing to my soul. I have so much gratitude for our sessions, that when Tina offers a session, I am quick to signup and I have never said this or felt this about anyone else!"


"Sooooo beautiful, so much love, grace, and depth you have put into these sessions. There is something about you that is echoed in your voice and I don’t know what that is, but I know it’s so warm, so comforting, feels like home, and it took me so softly into all those areas that were stuck but in the most gentle way…thank you" 


"I highly recommend the I AM Medicine Soul Session. I dived deep within and journeyed to areas that I was not consciously aware of as I experienced healing that was truly transformative and powerful."

One Session


Personalized 2 hour Soul Session


5 Sessions Package


5 Soul Sessions ($199 each) {Email for payment plan}


10 Sessions Package


10 Soul Sessions ($177 each) {Email for payment plan}