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It's time to go on a journey...

A journey that leads you on the pathway to learning  how to move forward in your life…

in all aspects of your life, to show you what love is again, igniting the relationships not only with yourself, but with others, family loved ones, friends, romantic partnership by

Realizing or awakening to your full potential in life.  

Seeing or experiencing the gifts you were born with that are just waiting to be expressed! 

Showing you, you can lead an extraordinary life, and not a mediocre life, 

Help awaken you to why you incarnated on this planet at this time.  

Align with your Soul, connect with your Angels and Guides, Learn what it means to connect and live from your Higher Self

Uncover the old limiting belief patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Awakening to who you truly are.


Workshops & Events

Connect. experience. share.

Come experience the magic of joining together and listening to your soul's calling in an open, sacred circle. Tina and Billy offer a variety of workshops for you to connect, experience and share.

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connect with the divine

Set up your angel reading, surrender to the experience and hear your soul's awakening in a private or semi-private guided session. We offer a variety of sessions to match your desires.

About Us

A love that summoned angels

Tina and Billy's connection and love is a channel in which they are able to see the guidance of angels and star beings. They share a mutual passion and mission to serve others with their divine gifts.


Meditations & Products

Start channeling divine guidance right now with one of Tina and Billy's meditations, products or self-guided workshops.


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Enlightened Conversations

Tina and Billy tune into the angel and star beings each week to share their guidance and wisdom with wonder-seekers. These sessions are recorded and uploaded each week. You can find all of their videos on YouTube by clicking the link below.


Surrender and awaken to the light within

Connect with the wisdom of the angels and star-beings for wisdom and guidance in your life. View the many different ways to work with Tina and Billy below. 

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