It's time to go on a journey...

A soul journey that leads you moving forward in your life...awakening to why you incarnated on the planet at this particular time. 


The gifts you were born with that are just waiting to be ignited, expressed and shared with humanity! 

Aligning with the Divine Eternal Spark of your being... 

Connecting with your Angels and Guides, integrating the I AM Presence and Light within you, and then living from from this embodied space of your highest God/Goddess Self.  

Your soul is longing for you to be still, to listen, to open and to feel… calling you home to see and experience fully who you truly are.

Are you ready to Rise?

Connect to the sacred wisdom of your body, breath, and inner spirit to set yourSELF free. 

Tina and Billy's Offerings

A 12-week journey to awaken the goddess within.

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