12/12 Portal Sacred Ceremony

During the workshop, you can expect to:

- Participate in a powerful release ceremony to let go of negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and past experiences.

- Experience a guided meditation to clear and cleanse your energy, creating space for new possibilities.

- Complete with a gentle breathwork journey to cultivate empowerment, self-confidence, and personal sovereignty.



Women's Embodiment/Empowerment Group

  • Drop into the body to listen, feel, observe, and watch what arises with loving awareness

  • Engage in deep inquiry to open up the body archive and communicate

  • Reunite with the heart and open to receive.

  • Do EFT and Intuitive Tapping

  • Identify old patterns, programs, and identities to embrace from a new perspective

  • Go through guided meditative and breath practices to breathe into the source of pain/conflict

  • Receive personal and group counseling & assistance to learn to operate and live from wholeness and oneness rather than separation

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I AM the Trust I Seek

Become intimate with the Unkown; the space and place of where ALL is birthed in its truest form.  Open up to surrender, trust, and faith in an embodied way and tap into the effortlessness of manifestation as you draw ALL to you because of how you are BEING, not what you are doing.

(once registered you receive whole past library of classes)  

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I AM the Worthiness I Seek

A continued 4 week Self Love Journey to access your deepest wisdom and embrace your worth

Includes the whole library of previous classes.  

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Oneness Full Moon Sacred Healing Ceremony

intention setting, -body and heart scan, -talk of the energies, and how to navigate them TOGETHER! -Preparing the body with tapping, and movement - Breathwork and alignment with the Highest Self & Christ Light -Special Group Prayer for Mother Earth and Humanity.

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I AM the WISDOM I Seek

A continued 4 week Self Love Journey to access your deepest wisdom and embrace your worth

Includes the previous two 4 week courses with lecture, breath technique, and longer breathwork ceremony.

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I AM the Power I Seek

A 4 week Self Love Journey to Claim your Worth

Breathe, soften, and open your heart and body as a portal to embrace your worth...


I AM the LOVE I Seek

A 4-week Self-Love Journey to Claim your Power

Transform guilt, shame, not-enoughness and lack into worthiness, sovereignty, freedom and embodied power.

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Love is the Answer

Tina and Billy share their insight, guidance and channeled messages from the angels. 

Fridays at 12 EST (and recorded) on Crowdcast (donation only)

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Magdalene Sisterhood of the Rose Healing Circles

This is an ongoing divine appointment to align and integrate the Divine Feminine Energies of healing, sovereignty, and power. Learn the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic and receive attunements from Yeshua and Magdalene

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Webinar Meditations, Healing Circles & Goddess Ceremonies

Recordings of previous sessions can be found at Crowdcast by clicking the link below.

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 Kundalini Meditation & Gong Relaxation

Join Tina for Kundalini Classes at Simplicity Yoga in Kings Park, NY

Mondays at 7:30 pm 

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