Invite the Angels to Your Event

Angelic Soul Star Counseling Certification

Work with the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, and Celestial Guardians to learn how to recognize and communicate with these Divine beings.


Archangel Master Class

Healing, magical, deep meditations, channeled new card reading spreads, healing techniques, and an Angelic Master DNA activation. Tina and Billy will provide the tools, inspiration and personal guidance to awaken the power within you to take action in your life!


Star of Life Healing System™

In this new healing system from the Archangel and Star Realms you will work with the Angelic Realm and Specific Ascended Masters and Light Beings while learning how to connect with your Higher Self and experience a rebirth of intuitive gifts.


A Day of Awakening with the Angels and Masters

Receive messages and healing from the Angelic Soul Star Council channeled through us as we do random mini Soul Star readings and answer your questions!


Sound and Energy Healing with the Angels

Through the magical sounds of crystal pyramids, singing bowls, guided Angel meditations and energy healing we will unlock the magic, the love, and the gifts that reside deep in the heart to awaken the Angelic Connection that lies within.


Self-guided workshops that you can start right away...


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