Meditations & Self-Guided Classes

Manifesting with Archangel Michael

Tina channels Archangel Michael in these 2 meditations to help you clear, shield, attract and manifest your hearts desires.


Attract Love and Healing Meditation

Court the Divine, ignite a Love affair with the Beloved, fall in love with yourself. Commune and align with your soul, with Love, your essence Itself.” This is a meditation to attract LOVE whether you’re in a relationship or not.  It’s about vibrating at higher and higher levels of unconditional love.


Angelic Journey to the Goddess Within

In this special series, Tina Marie takes you on a journey to connect with your angels and guides in order to UNCOVER and REVEAL the Goddess that lies DEEP within you!


The Magdalene Effect

Throughout this experience, we’ll be led by feminine Goddesses of the Divine in a healing and re-initiation into the power of our true selves.

By accessing the power of these amazing female Goddesses, we access our own and we begin to make shifts in our lives to align with our true potential.

Join me in the journey to unite with the light of the Divine and return your radiance to the world.


Resurrect and Revive Your Life

Are you tired of watching your life pass you by? Do you feel like you’ve been placed in a holding pattern, and no matter what you do, you still feel stuck? Do you want to feel fulfilled and in alignment with your path, passion and purpose? This 4 week journey of transformation is for you!


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