Star of Life Healing System

Channeled New Healing System From The Archangel and Star Realms

In this course you will...

  • Work with the Angelic Realm and Specific Ascended Masters and Light Beings
  • Learn how to connect with your Higher Self and experience a rebirth of intuitive gifts
  • Work with the Soul Star, the chakra that contains all your past, present, and future lifetimes to align you with your path and purpose
  • Receive an Angelic Attunement/initiation to open up all chakras to the healing power of the Angelic Realms that will never leave you
  • Learn new healing techniques and a sacred symbols of truth, faith, peace, and love for yourself and/or to use for others
  • Experience Meditations to take you to the next level of your Soul's evolution
  • Learn how to unlock the heart chakra to experience unconditional love in all areas of your life and learn how to do this for others
  • Receive Divine anointing- opening of the third eye
  • Working with (Pranayama) Breath/mantras/mudras to experience healing through sound and touch, and cleansing the energy field through the power of the Breath
  • Learn new techniques to work with angel/oracle/tarot cards and counseling methods for doing readings
  • Reclaim the Star of Life within you; letting it burst forth into all areas of your life to be a healing presence on this planet! And get certified in this Powerful system.
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