The Magdalene Effect


We will embrace and celebrate the energy of the Divine Feminine through Mary Magdalene, and her messages, wisdom, and healing. (and even include Isis, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, White Buffalo Calf Woman and other Goddesses and Angels.

The Magdalene Effect is a 5 week journey to embrace your inner Goddess, explore peace and happiness within, tap into your intuitive gifts, and find WHOLENESS as you align with your SOUL.

All recorded on mp3 so you can listen at anytime!


  • Connecting with Mary Magdalene, and your Angels & Guides through meditations & exercises to receive messages, healing, wisdom and direction
  • Awakening to your gifts and abilities and learning to express them in new, fulfilling, and successful ways in the new year
  • Being authentic and uncensored, and uncovering the REAL, TRUE you, and remembering why you incarnated on this planet at this time
  • Release old patterns, “the old story,” old belief systems to recognize where you’re holding yourself back, and tools to help you move forward
  • Align with your heart, explore your passion, and learn how to manifest your dreams
  • Have opportunity to ask questions, receive personal support and be in community with other like minded souls



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