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Uncategorized Oct 15, 2022


There is so much that no one tells you when you are diagnosed and treated for a life-threatening illness. And I suppose it kinda has to be that way; to stay as present as possible to carefully choose and live each baby step along the way. Especially when you know better than to just listen to what others tell you to do, including doctors, and refuse to operate or choose from fear! It's an inward journey that takes patience, Presence, and deep listening to the body, heart, and soul.

And choosing what feels right within; a choice unique and perfect for each of us.

So, I never expected breast cancer recovery taking almost 2 years. But I also never expected to be GRATEFUL for it. ALL of it. And that has taken a LOT of time as well. 

I certainly didn’t do it alone. I would never have gotten through it without so many people that were part of various phases of this journey.

It goes without saying that my heart is full of the deepest gratitude for Billy who never left my side, and my family, immediate and extended, who bent over backward to make sure I was cared for in EVERY sense of the word. Words will never even begin to express my thanks for all of the donations that continue to help with my crazy medical bills and holistic treatments. And probably most important the prayers, calls, emails, love, and support.

But I would also like to thank here other essential, powerful, amazing individuals behind the scenes, that saved my life in so many different ways, helping me not give up hope, and keep taking steps forward one small breath at a time.

(I will be adding to this list as more pop into my awareness)


Diane Wilson: Reiki & Sound Healing & amazing talks 🙂
Donna Nesteruk: for Acupuncture and so much LOVE and support
Diana Tjaden: Full Circle Physical Therapy: Physical Therapist who helped me literally move again and see my treatment choices through a new lens showing me how courageous I truly am when I couldn’t see it
Susan Vivona: Spiritual Counselor and Thriver who helped reconnect me with Yeshua, with my heart and remind me over and over who I truly AM
Carol Valenti: My Therapist and lifeline to learning how to live again. She helped me realize I AM working full time in depths that are so much more important than the “jobs/careers” of this world
Kim Emery: smoothies, rides all over town to appointments, the most amazing, generous heart, soul, and friend
Maryanne Sea: Healer Extraordinaire, no words for this Powerhouse
Jennifer Stinson: for being my Virgo Moon twin and person
Tracey & Donna at Barretique: (doing barre at home while recovering) and being such bright lights!
Charna Goldsmith: the most amazing real hair Wig (through Sharsharet)
Sharsharet Breast Cancer Organization
Irina Bock: One of the very first people to help support me and get me on the right track
Sian Jewel: helping me in the real early days when it was the darkest and scariest and always being there

Dr Veronique Desaulniers: Breast Cancer Conqueror Her informative healing retreats, her team, and her fountain of information to stay empowered in body choices than trust corrupt Big Pharma

Debbie Hughes: Strength for Life Organization (partner and single healing retreats) helping cancer patients with exercise and being the most beautiful soul

Dr. Kim Deramo: Mind-Body Medicine Mentor and pivotal influence on how I am where I am today in the embodiment of True Wholeness and Freedom 
Kyle Cease: weekly messages, support inspiring me to embrace hourly stillness/silence daily, the power of the present moment, and loving All of me
Dr. Heidi Lucas Integrative Oncologist/Naturopath (CA)
Dr. Richard Sallazzo: Integrative Oncologist/Naturopath (NY)
Dr George Wong: Chinese Medicine/Herbalist MD featured in the book  "Radical Remission" 
Dr. Noshir Dacosta: Medical Oncologist
Dr. Jana Deitch: Breast Surgeon (St. Catherine’s)
Dr. David Light :Plastic Surgeon (NYBRA)
Armand: my male nurse at NY Cancer & Blood who made the most horrible of life’s situations graceful, kind, and full of ease, listening and caring for me when I needed it the most
Aine Grace: Introduced me to Breathwork through Unite for Her and the rest is history
Unite For Her: Breast Cancer Organization
Alchemy of Breath: My amazing breath school that is so much more than breath! The facilitators and mentors who gave their all for 8 months and who helped me find purpose again in ME

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