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 (Picture on left, hair cut short to prepare, pic on right, my swollen face during treatment)

It has been such a long road, and although it’s not over, I wanted to take a few moments and express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you.


Being on this healing journey is unlike anything I have ever, or could ever, expect to experience. It has been anything but easy, and continues to challenge me each and every day physically, mentally, emotionally, AND spiritually!


In many ways I feel like I’ve been through hell and back, over and over and over as each treatment, brought with it new side effects, less hair, and lots of tears. It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions, and I’ve gotten quite good at riding the multitude of waves.


Each day continues to bring something new for me to look at, observe, meditate on, feel, and let go… and I’m slowly emerging to the other side. I’m about to embark on yet another new transition in my healing process. As I grieve what is lost and dying off, I’m also learning the true art of how to slow down, be still, rest, and find a new way of living in the midst of this life-altering venture. I am no longer the same person I was going into this, yet haven’t quite stepped into all that I’m becoming. But I AM Rising.


I have been blessed with an amazing team of doctors; a medical oncologist who actually listens to me when I tell him what my intuition and body wants/doesn’t want. 2 naturopath/integrative oncologists, who have me on various vitamins/supplements, etc. to help with the different side effects as they surface, and counsel me through, and a Chinese Herbalist, (and expert in my particular diagnosis), who has me on very expensive, but necessary custom made herbal teas that are a God-send and have been a game-changer! You cannot put a price tag on that! I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I wasn’t on these teas!

Dr. Wong changes my prescription of herbs every few weeks as I stay in close contact with him about all the changes so he can prescribe accordingly. ​ And I will be on them for many years while I detox, balance my hormones (since I’m in a chemically induced menopause), bring more circulation throughout my body, work on my nervous system, my organs, skin, hair, EVERYTHING to rebuild my body and boost my immune system. The teas are also a preventative treatment for me in moving forward, and if you saw Dr. Wong’s bio and credentials, you would be blown away. ​ (I am in amazing hands, thank you Irina!)​


I don’t know how to write a proper thank you, because words could never begin to express my gratitude for every donation, every prayer, and every good vibe of support sent my way. I am in awe of the outpouring of love…


I have spent countless hours in tears as people I know donated to this Go Fund Me page or reached out in one way or another so THANK YOU. I love you and thank God for your prayers every day.


However, a vast majority of people who donated I don’t even know!!! And that to me is incredible. Huge donations from people I’ve never met but who gave selflessly. And at a time where the world is in separation and divide, I have felt such faith in the inherent good in humanity and I cherish this deeply. You are now family to me and an inspiration to give back when I can.


Since I have not worked since last October, my full-time job has been and still is my health. So your donations mean more to me that you may ever realize.  Because although we reached the goal, that was actually just one surgery that my health insurance denied, (even after an appeal), among other treatments unfortunately as well. But I’m not worried about it; I have complete trust that I’m provided for and I stay focused on my well being; my body, mind and spirit. For the first time in my life it’s all about ME. And that’s an interesting and enlightening place to be navigating.


The really good news is that although things didn’t begin at all as I had hoped or planned, I now can finally start my holistic treatments, and although they are not covered by our wonderful health care system, I’m not letting that stop me either. And I want you to know the ease and grace you have provided me by donating.Your generosity is giving me the opportunity to continue to heal, rest, restore and revitalize without pressure, so that I can completely focus only on recovering … which is not only essential in my particular situation but quite a lengthy process. However, I’m in it for the long haul with a smile on my face thanks to you.


Even though I feel I have walked through the fires of hell on a battlefield no one should ever encounter, I continue to transmute and transform all the dark places and corners, and I can tell you I have truly earned the title “Light Warrior.”


I’m proud of myself for what I’ve endured, and it’s not just the grueling physical treatments; it’s the countless judgments/opinions from people on both sides (conventional AND holistic), shaming my choices, telling me what to do and not do, knowing NOTHING about my specific diagnosis or pathology. AND, not being in my body. So, I’m even working on forgiveness and compassion too! And due to this whole “mess,” the message is clear to me that I’m meant to be the bridge between both worlds.


I’ll be sharing details of this and more of my story in the coming months. It’s brutally raw, but it’s authentic, and may even surprise those who have followed me in the past. Gone is the “People Pleasing Tina” saying what is appropriate or “right.” I am stepping into the Goddess I came here to be, honoring the dark just as much as the angelic light, and I won’t apologize for being myself, being real, and sharing from a place of MY PERSONAL TRUTH. (Thanks Mom & Dad).


Thank you all again, I love you, I send you love, and I’m forever touched and changed by your kindness.



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