Are you Lonely? How to Meet yourSELF there...

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2023

I woke up lonely this morning.


Can anyone relate?


This time of year as much as it can bring joy, and happiness, and togetherness, it can also bring up loss and loneliness.

But you are never feeling lonely for the reasons that you think you are.


There is an energy on the inside that’s calling for your attention to go inward, to meet yourself there, and breathe open into the loneliness. To be in stillness and nothingness and meet ALL of the feelings that arise with presence and loving awareness.


There is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing to do, there is just more of you to feel, witness, allow and even express. Every time you try to feel better, distract yourself, or do something to escape the loneliness you trap your light inside. You close off to a deeper part of you.



 It is you who you are looking for always.  And just BEING is ENOUGH


Are you willing to sit with yourself the next time you feel lonely and just breathe through it and BE?


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