SHE Knows

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2023


“Only what you have not given can be lacking in any situation.” ACIM


To take it deeper for me personally at this moment… “The only thing that can ever be lacking is more of me showing up in my system.”


So what am I missing?  What am I still not getting?  Or, more importantly, who is the one who needs to get it? 


All of this is for me…


I’m in the contraction phase of life followed by the huge expansion at Breathcamp in Italy.  So much is dying off and I feel all of  it.  I guess i’m in mourning in a way.  Old versions of myself are screaming out as they burn off


When I worry or panic about money, health, career, etc. I’m in my head and not my heart.  I’m swimming in delusion and disconnecting from my body.  Lies


I AM the abundance, health, and purpose I seek.  There’s nothing to change, fix, manage or make happen on the outside. Just more of me to show up fully embodied on the inside.  More to feel, welcome, and embrace.  More to get curious about and watch with loving awareness. More unconditional love and compassion to GIVE myself. 


There is ONE in me who KNOWS 


She’s solid, stable, and secure  


She’s at the depths of my being unwavering  


She just is.


I feel her in my belly and in my pelvis knocking.  She’s buried underneath so many stories and old belief systems but there’s a glimpse of her light and I breathe her open


She’s worthy, She’s powerful. She’s pure  


She’s innocent


She’s unapologetic. She’s fierce 


She’s tender,  She’s wild, She’s free  


She is  ME!  Before I tucked her away, made her wrong, rejected her, denied and shamed her as not enough


She waits for all of the madness of incessant doing, running, fighting, and dramatizing to end 


She wants no part of it because She already knows She’s perfect as is  


In the stillness  




Just Being 


Just beaming; letting life and love live through her effortlessly  


She’s aligned with her true nature in balance and in flow.  She dances outside the lines. She laughs 


Her hands outstretched above her head, eyes closed, her hips swaying side to side to her own rhythm.  She resides in my heart where she’s always been patiently waiting for me to join her


I’m here 


I surrender. I trust. I let go


I breathe open into this space igniting HER flame and birthing this new moment together as ONE



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