My Top 10 Benefits of Breathwork...

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2022


How Breathwork Saved my Life!


Each week I'm slowly making my way back to this space. I'm taking my time, prioritizing myself and my personal healing, and in I am in awe of what's birthing in me.

As I tip-toe my way here, sharing more of my story and experience, I will start by opening up more and more about what has led me to this place.  I have been waiting to share some of the real raw earlier details of my experiences but trust in Divine Timing.  There is a lot percolating, and the biggest, most healing impact is...




But don't be fooled by the term. This isn't just sitting and breathing, or watching the breath, or doing a breathing meditation. These are full breathwork ceremonies; powerful healing journeys that are 30-60 minutes in length and have benefits physically, emotionally, mentally AND spiritually.

So I will share with you my top 10 of what Breathwork has done for me and continues to do.


May it inspire you of what's possible...


  1. Breathwork has been pivotal in slowing me down and bringing me to a state of "being" over "doing". I feel a deeper connection to my soul, to the present moment, and my reason for being.
  2.  Breathwork helps me feel safe in my body again. It takes me out of my head, (it's known to shut down the pre-frontal cortex, aka monkey mind), and brings me home to my heart. It's the deepest peace I've ever felt.
  3.  Breathwork shines a light on trauma... it acts as an invitation to unravel and release in the most powerful, yet gentle way. Old memories and wounds present themselves from a Higher perspective so that this energy can be set free and the body can harmonize.
  4. Breathwork shows me the various roles I've created throughout my life that have become patterns playing out without my consciously realizing it. It brings forth an in-depth awareness of my behaviors and when they originated so I can take responsibility for my choices.
  5. With this new depth of awareness and understanding, I become more loving and compassionate toward myself and others and I become free of those old programs running. I'm able to embrace all of me with loving awareness and feel more WHOLE.
  6.  As a result, I feel I'm retrieving lost, hidden, shamed, parts of myself that got tossed aside, and tucked away throughout my life in order to survive the environment at the time. Breathwork helps effortlessly to love them out of hiding and reunite them in my heart. I know I'm enough exactly as I AM.
  7.  Breathwork removes worry and anxious energies. Makes me feel alive, with passion, Presence, motivation and a yearning to live and 'be' with purpose. I'm showing up more wholly and holy as me regardless of what I'm 'doing'!
  8.  I have a new and renewed appreciation for the sacredness of ALL life, the body temple, and how it works for us every day whether we are aware of what's going on or not. And grateful for the gift of living on this planet at this time. There is a clarity in me that wasn't there before.
  9.  Breathwork has helped strengthen my connection with my inner Self, and my intuition, and I trust in what comes from within me. I trust myself.  I have seen, felt, and embodied Christ's light and have been gifted to share it with others so they can awaken and accept their own Christ Light.
  10.  I feel a sense of oneness and interconnectedness with Mother Earth, all of life and Its inhabitants. I have a deeper compassion, empathy, and reverence for humanity which is the most Divine gift imaginable.


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