Are you ready to receive the insight and clarity necessary to move forward in alignment with your soul’s calling?

What is your passion?  What is your purpose?  What brings you joy and leaves you feeling fulfilled? What is standing in the way of you embodying your dreams, and moving forward living the life you came here to live?

Goddess Warriors Rising is an interactive guided journey and awakening. 

It is the beginning of a new adventure; one in alignment with your soul, connecting with your inner High Priestess who has been waiting for you to recognize her deep within you. This is a journey to awaken to a deeper understanding of the magic within you. All you have to do is allow the power to come forth from within you as you remember and realign with your purpose.

And now is the time!

We are in the age of Aquarius, the time of the Divine Feminine Rising and this is the moment to come out of hiding, let your radiance and beauty shine, let your voice be heard, and take steps into your power feeling guided and supported by the many goddesses surrounding and within you. This is a safe, supportive soul-sisterhood that will help you grow and evolve. We are warriors of love.


It’s time to have a deep and unwavering faith and trust in your intuition, your Highest Self, your inner Goddess and the Divine Light that guides you.

Now a 3 month experience!

Join Goddess Warriors Rising

Goddess Warriors Rising is the perfect step for you if…

  • You’re so busy supporting and giving to others that you often put yourself and your intentions and dreams last.

  • You’re intuitive by nature, and you know it at your core, but can't seem to make the changes you desire and follow your own personal internal guidance system.

  • Your mind is so overactive at times that you can’t hear, or feel you're own heart and body communicating and feel lost or disconnected at times 

  • You feel overwhelmed by life and the state of the world and are searching for your role and purpose on this planet for greater change


  • You're committed to taking time to reconnect with your inner Goddess, release old programs and honor your unique healing process.

  • You’re ready to finally invest in yourself; be seen and heard in your perfect authenticity.

Goddess Warriors Rising
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Included in this 12-week sacred journey are…

  • Channeled Goddess messages/lessons 
  • Kundalini kriyas/meditations to charge the auric field to help you align with your power, and attract and manifest from a WHOLE NEW SPACE
  • Guided meditations - prayer and mantra
  • Healing transmissions
  • Goddess activations 
  • Weekly live group coaching calls
  • Private Facebook group for daily support
  • Facebook lives for further support
  • Soul- sisterhood community
  • Live guest Speakers (plus access to old previous speakers
  • Goddess series introducing additional Goddesses, not in the core modules
  • NEW!  Weekly Transformative Breathwork sessions 

You will have lifetime access to this course.

There is no hurry or worry if you can’t get to a practice when we meet.  You can still send in your questions. Remember…this is your journey and it unfolds in the time you need it to.

Join Goddess Warriors Rising

What will you learn?

There are many steps along this journey that we will walk together.  
Goddess Warriors Rising Module

Remember that you are a Goddess. You have had lifetimes of being a high priestess, this isn’t new to you. There is an ancient wisdom within your cellular memory.

Goddess Warriors Rising Module

Awaken to why you are here at this time on planet earth. Awaken to your talents, gifts and abilities. Awaken to a higher vision of living, loving and serving.

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Accept yourself fully and completely. Accept and receive the blessings of what each trait, especially the negative ones, offer us.

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Reclaim your power and the Goddess within you. Reclaim the little girl within you, the creativity and the magic.

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Forgive resentment or anger of a situation or person so that you can receive compassion and love on a deeper level. By moving through this process you set yourself free.

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Release and let go so that you can open up to a more full expression of who you are.

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Explore your past lives in a healing way and reveal and clear hidden, deep rooted patterns, trauma, and even blocks in the cellular memory to help you move forward and create remarkable shifts

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Learn to love, accept and honor your body as a temple - an instrument for more of the Divine Feminine to flow through freely.

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Come into the vibrational frequency of what you’re looking to manifest as already here, because in the mind of God/Goddess it already is!  

Meet Tina

From a very young age Tina was greeted and surrounded by angels, ascended masters and powerful light beings of the Divine Feminine that she now knows to be “The Goddess.” After some time ‘seemingly’ apart, Mary Magdalene re-appeared to Tina to prepare her for the sacred work she would later step into. Her pilgrimage to Egypt would reconnect her with Isis, and many other goddesses, providing downloads, healing transmissions, and past life memories. This reminded Tina of her many lifetimes in this ancient and holy land; the rituals, knowledge and deep wisdom of the High Priestess herself. Now she shares these gifts to help, guide, and assist others to awaken and embody their own inner Goddess!

Meet some of the Goddesses already inside the course... 

Goddess Warriors Rising Testimonial

"This has been the most powerful and beautiful experience. The benefits have exceeded any expectations I might have had!

Between prayer, the meditations, some yoga, some breath work, and gorgeous deeply moving transmissions and initiations with the Goddess, I have just blossomed so much from it.

Tina is the real deal! She is genuine, heartfelt and has such wisdom to share these beautiful gifts that we each inhabit within us, but may not look at or take the time to realize and grow from, but with her encouragement, mentoring, healing abilities, and channeling, her sessions bring out the power and truth within each of us to help us embrace and honor our own Divinity.

I feel strong, settled within myself and I have learned so much more about myself and my inner goddess and the beauty of the Divine Feminine that resides within me. That has been brought out in such a glorious way and I’m so grateful for Tina and this amazing program.” - Lisa

Goddess Warriors Rising Testimonial

The Goddess Calling program is one of the most profound programs I have ever taken part in. Tina’s guidance helped me to work through some areas where I was deeply stuck. The program supported me as I slowly shifted into a new emotional place. The connection with like-minded group members is invaluable; having fellow travelers to connect with while on my journey helped to normalize my experiences. I felt seen, accepted, encouraged, and supported by Tina and everyone in the group. 

Tina inspires me with her commitment to her own journey. Her guidance is meaningful because she has been where you are. She understands what it is like to support yourself through changes and challenges. She knows what it is like to grieve and to grow. She is open, genuine, and empathetic. I am deeply grateful that the Universe brought us together and I look forward to many more years of working with her.”  - Lora

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“Tina is an amazing mentor, teacher, healer, and deliverer of information pertinent to these times we are in. As a practitioner myself, connecting to Tina and her Divinely inspired work and practice is what energizes and refreshes my soul.

I am grateful and blessed to know her.”  -Mary

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"Tina is amazing and her meditations are unlike anything I have ever experienced. Through Tina's Goddess course I have grown more Spiritually than I had ever thought possible. I cannot wait to go deeper and support the women that decide to take this journey in the future. And the community that you have access to with this course is amazing! It truly is so beautiful and so powerful when we all come together to support each other on our journey.”  -Mindy

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“This program helped me reclaim myself as I opened and awakened to more of who I am. Tina creates a caring, safe place and I highly recommend this program.”   -Shari

New Goddess Series

We explore various Goddesses from each culture to embody each archetype of the Divine Feminine in order to fully awaken to all of who we are. There is a video and meditation for each goddess. Some of the Goddesses include:  Mary Magdalene, Isis, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Kali, Athena, Green Tara, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Persephone and more!


Meet Our Guest Speakers

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Ade Anifowose

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Bonnie Wirth

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Courtney Lee Hall

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Maryanne Sea

Joan Clark

Joan Clark

Stephanie Lodge

Stephanie Lodge

Our Alumni Speakers

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Meg Haines Marinaccio

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Georgina Durcan

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Alexandra Wenman

Bonus Meditations

New moon and Full moon rituals to support you in aligning with your intentions.

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