Resurrect and Revive Your Life

Journey to Egypt ~ Healing and Channeling

Are you tired of watching your life pass you by? Do you feel like you’ve been placed in a holding pattern, and no matter what you do, you still feel stuck? Do you want to feel fulfilled and in alignment with your path, passion and purpose?

All recorded on mp3 so you can listen at anytime!



I’m honored and grateful to share with you, the Angelic Soul Star Council, a group of Archangels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Beings that I’ve been channeling for who are here to guide, direct and support us during this particular time and place on beloved Mother Earth. These High Light Beings are here to help us navigate our journey, align us with our Soul path and purpose, assist us in embracing who we truly are and helping us remember why we incarnated here and now so we can be empowered, confident, radiant and in the FLOW OF Abundance, Unconditional Love, One-ness and Absolute Fulfillment!



It’s time to start remembering your gifts and abilities, have the courage to express them AND believe in yourself again.

This 4 week series all recorded as mp3’s is designed to support you during these times of change, struggle, transition, and awakening on the planet. This has to do with YOU!

The class will combine everything from channeled messages, healing techniques and wisdom from the Angelic Soul Star Council, to Kundalini Yoga breathing meditations (Pranayama), and mantras (sound healing) to movement, chakra opening and deepening, AND becoming part of the Angelic Soul Star Galactic Grid that surrounds this planet activating and attuning your 12 Strand DNA to live the life you came here to live!

  • Week One: Self Esteem/Self worth/Self Acceptance with Isis and Hathor
  • Week Two: Forgiveness/ Surrendering, and Letting go with Jesus and Mary Magdalene
  • Week Three: Creativity/Manifestation/Attraction with Horace and Thoth
  • Week Four: Celebration of your Soul, Singing and Dancing the Song of your Soul, Communion with the Divine with Sekhmet and Osiris

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