Higher Me

Tina Marie and Billy Joseph
Higher Me


There is a Higher Me here.


She's always here but she waits.

She waits for me to see or feel her through the fog; through the drama and chaos that my ego carefully constructs and keeps alive.

I get tangled in this web of heavy thoughts that circulate incessantly. I become trapped under stuck emotions that have lined walls around my heart. 


And still, She waits.


She is such a loving, Higher Being that she is always accepting me unconditionally, ALL of me, "good and bad", and patiently waiting for me to do the same.  


I, like so many, am addicted to my story, to my suffering. Asleep and drowning in my unfelt feelings. Attached to the past or future, avoiding the now. It's only when I awaken, surrender, accept, and fully love myself, forgive myself, and honor every quality, feeling, attribute, detail, narrative... EVERYTHING, and not see any of it as wrong, and not see myself as wrong that she appears.


Sometimes it's only a glimpse, other times she stays for a while. That's all up to me. I determine my frequency and vibration by my choices.  By where I choose to place my attention.  I can choose to see everyone and everything separate from me. I can blame, point fingers, and judge others for their choices. I can criticize their lives because they're different and then live in Hell like the rest of the world. 


OR I can step into the knowing that I am NOT separate. I can never be separate. I can only think and feel that I am separate, act upon it, consciously or unconsciously, and have it as my very experience.  But that's not my Highest Truth. 


So when I can see that everyone is here for my expansion, that each of us is made out of the image and likeness of the Creator, and nothing can be outside of me, I take full responsibility for what shows up in my life. 


Then I can be empowered with sovereignty. 


I can live in full acceptance of seeing others as myself, rather than try to fix, manage, fight, or swim around in the lower energies of divisiveness. Living in an illusion. It's my choice. I'm THAT powerful. All of it resides within me. 


So when I keep loving, surrendering, and accepting what is here now, my frequency and vibration rise, the walls dissolve, and the lower densities get transmuted. Then and only then can I be FREE. The more I choose this, the more I embody and anchor GOD as me.  GODDESS as me. LOVE as me. And I can live from Oneness knowing there is truly only One of us here.  


There is a Higher me here.

She's always here but she waits.

I am learning to dance with her. 

 I surrender and let Her lead.

When I fall out of line she gracefully guides me back. 

Her choreography requires that I embrace every step with the curiosity and wonder of a child.


She is playful, vulnerable, and open. She is me.


Photo Cred: Jackson David

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