Higher Me

Tina Marie and Billy Joseph
Higher Me


There is a Higher Me here.


She's always here but she waits.

She waits for me to see or feel her through the fog; through the drama and chaos that my ego carefully constructs and keeps alive.

I get tangled in this web of heavy thoughts that circulate incessantly. I become trapped under stuck emotions that have lined walls around my heart. 


And still, She waits.


She is such a loving, Higher Being that she is always accepting me unconditionally, ALL of me, "good and bad", and patiently waiting for me to do the same.  


I, like so many, am addicted to my story, to my suffering. Asleep and drowning in my unfelt feelings. Attached to the past or future, avoiding the now. It's only when I awaken, surrender, accept, and fully love myself, forgive myself, and honor every quality, feeling, attribute, detail, narrative... EVERYTHING, and not see any of it as wrong, and not see myself as wrong that she appears.


Sometimes it's only a glimpse,...
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